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Your Random Backstory

Regional or National Origin: The Jeweled Coast

The Jeweled Cities along the coast of the Middle Sea are famous for their clockwork skills.

Parentage: Artist

Your parent had an artistic streak a league wide; you may or may not have inherited that same artistic talent.

  • Question: Which important personage was a patron for your parent?
  • First Social Rank: Artisan (D8)
  • Skills: Education (Arts +1), Interaction (Inspire +1)
  • Gear: Art supplies (x2), Crafter Outfit
  • Passions: Love (D6)
  • Style Maneuver: Reroll Interaction

Pivotal Event of Childhood: A Death in the Family

One of your close relatives died unexpectedly, and you had to grow up in a hurry.

  • Question: What did your relative tell you before they died?
  • Skills: Observation (Intuition +1)
  • Passions: Family (D8)

Education: Royal Universities

You attended the royal universities in Lutetia, and received the finest formal education in the world.

Pivotal Event of Adulthood: Revolutionary Invention

You've invented something amazing that will revolutionize the world. In theory. Mostly it blows up but that can be fixed.