Mariana II

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The Queen's Cavaliers character
Queen Mariana Portrait.jpg
Queen Mariana, by Eleanor Ferron
Status Alive, Active
Full name Queen Mariana II of Gallinea
Gender Female
Occupation Monarch
Title Queen
Family Gallinean Royal Family
Spouse(s) Prince-Consort Carolus
Relatives Queen Elisse (mother, deceased), Crown Princess Jehanne (sister, deceased), Prince-Father Michel (father), Princess Dyann (aunt), Léandre de Guéve (uncle, deceased), Prince Jean-Remy (uncle), Arynne, Duchess of Valerienne (aunt), Amarante (cousin), Clarisse (cousin), Philippe (cousin)
Religion Asrian
Nationality Gallinean
Date of Birth 19 Fructidor 1225 (age 23)
Game Statistics
Class(es) Peer
Competency Die D10
Social Rank(s) Royal (D12)

A mere 23 years old, Mariana was never intended to be Queen; that was meant for her older sister, Crown Princess Jehanne. The tragic assassination of her mother, Queen Elisse, and Princess Jehanne catapulted her to the throne unexpectedly. The Queen's champions are traditionally known as the Queen's Cavaliers.


Queen Mariana II
Mariana and Carolus, by Joanne Renaud 
Mariana, by Eleanor Ferron 
Preceded by
Elisse III
Queen of Gallinea
22 Frimaire 1243 to present
with Prince-Father Michel (1243 to 1244)