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The Queen's Cavaliers character
Farrazin Portrait.jpg
Farrazin, Guardian of the Faith by Eleanor Ferron
Status Alive, Active
Full name Farrazin
Gender Male
Occupation Minister of Justice
Title Guardian of the Faith
Religion Asrian
Nationality Gallinean
Affiliation(s) Gallinean Loyalist
Game Statistics
Class(es) Chaplain/Visionary
Competency Die D12
Social Rank(s) Noble (D10)

The head Chaplain of Lutetia, Guardian of the Faith Farrazin is an ambitious and cunning man. The Corderan-educated cleric seeks to expand the power of Gallinea throughout the world, and increase his own personal authority as well. His own Holy Guardsmen are in an ongoing rivalry with the Queen's Cavaliers.


Farrazin, Guardian of the Faith
Martine and Farrazin, by Joanne Renaud 
Farrazin portrait, by Eleanor Ferron