Artwork Preview: NPC Face Cards

This is a preview of new artwork that will be appearing in The Queen’s Cavaliers.

Success Reference Deck face cards, with art by Eleanor Ferron

Success Reference Deck face cards, with art by Eleanor Ferron

Click on the image above for a more detailed view of the artwork.

The success reference deck contains all of the success charts needed to play The Queen’s Cavaliers for quick reference, and also features pictures of important NPCs in the setting as the face cards.

Each of the rows in the picture above is one suit, representing a country or major religion. The pictures in each row share a common background color.

Unlike real-world European cards, the face-card ranks in Gallinean playing cards are not Jack, Queen, and King, but Cavalier, Prince(ss), and Monarch.

The blue suit (clubs) is Albiarepresented by Lord-Ambassador Bedyngford, ambassador to Gallinea, Queen Fionna, and King Edgar II. The latter two are the parents of Carolus, pictured in the next row.

The purple suit (spades) is Gallinea, home of the Queen’s Cavaliers. Gabriana Secouriste is the cavalier of this suit, with Prince-Consort Carolus as the prince and Queen Mariana II herself as the monarch.

The red suit (diamonds) is Ondala, Gallinea’s neighbor and rival to the southwest. The cavalier card is comodora Ginevra de Hiedra y Obispo, commander of the New Corderan Colonial Fleet. Instead of a prince or princess, this suit has Don Rodolfo, the royal mayordomo and power behind the Ondalan throne. Queen Ximena IV rounds out the suit as the monarch.

The yellow suit (hearts) is the Asrian church. Mercenary, spy, and former cavalier Martine Deveaux is the cavalier card, as she frequently is hired by Guardian Farrazin, the cardinal of Lutetia and the prince card for this suit. Matriarch Isabene de la Justicia, head of the Asrian church, is the monarch card.