Wandering Monsters High School (cover image)

Does that cute medusa in Lair Economics really have her eye on you? Can you possibly get your grade up in Common Tongue class while spending so much time in Slamball practice? Who’s bringing the cupcakes for the Undead Poets Society bake sale? And what do you really learn when you sign up for Armor class?

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Wandering Monsters High School is a humorous fantasy roleplaying game where you take the roles of monsters going to school. Inspired by wacky teen comedies and the silliest bits of fantasy gaming, WMHS is an all-ages game that anyone who’s attended school can relate to.

Wandering Monsters High School is available in print for $15.99 from Lulu.com or in PDF for $7.49 from RPGnow.com. Get your copy today!

(whew! at last!)