I spent some time updating the character folio for D&D Gamma World, based on my experience using the sheets in my Gamma World games. This version should be easier to use, although it doesn’t have as many reference pieces for the players.

Changes in the new version of the folio include:

  • Moved all combat info to the back page (page 4)
  • Separated ability scores and skills
  • Character advancement (page 2) is more clear and updated for Legion of Gold vocations
  • Made the character portrait box bigger (players in my games are required to draw their characters, even if they have no artistic skill — especially if they have no artistic skill!)
  • Added more space for recording Omega Tech between sessions, as well as more space for gear, ancient junk, mounts and vehicles, and wealth (including Famine in Far-Go scrip)
  • Made the attacks/weapons fields easier to use
  • Added links to download insert pages
  • Removed all color and 3-d effects, but added a color banner at the top (I’ll no longer be maintaining separate color and b/w versions of my character sheets)

Download the Character Folio!

Download the Origins Insert!

Download the Armory Insert!

The origins insert is for writing down your origins — an alternative is to use battles14′s origin half-sheets. The armory insert is for listing salvaged gear and additional weapons.

I’m planning on putting the player reference sheet (primarily, the weapons data) from the old version of the character folio into a separate insert with reference on one side and house rules on the other. Maybe it will also have the appearance and personality fields too. Sometime in the future I’ll also make an insert for vehicle stats.

Many players of D&D Gamma World have noted that the game isn’t much different from a superhero roleplaying game; the origins and powers are quite similar to those found in superhero comic books.

These house rules tell how to adapt the D&D Gamma World rules to use in a contemporary setting as a campaign of superheroes.

Download Gamma Heroes now!

Update: I just put together a one-page character sheet (use power cards for novice/utility/expert powers) for Gamma Heroes:

Download Gamma Heroes character sheet


Hi everyone, I haven’t updated this site in a long time due to some personal issues, but now I’m trying to get back into the swing of things.

Lately I’ve been playing WotC’s new D&D Gamma World game, which is based on 4th edition D&D and the old Gamma World setting. It’s full of fun and crazy all in a boxed set, and has actually overtaken 4e D&D as the favorite game around here.

Here are the character sheets I made up for Gamma World:

I’m also one of the more active posters on the Gamma World forum on the WotC community site; stop by there for some pretty good discussions with other players and GMs.