I recently picked up the Madness at Gardmore Abbey boxed adventure for 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons. It’s better than I thought it would be and looks to be lots of fun. I’m running a weekly game based on Gardmore Abbey at Game Empire Pasadena on Monday nights.

After playing through most of this season’s D&D Encounters, I decided the game would be more fun if characters in Gardmore Abbey had specific hooks into the game, like the character themes introduced in the Neverwinter Campaign Setting book.

So then, here are my homebrewed themes for Gardmore Abbey:

Errant of Mithrendain Questing eladrin knight
Gardrin’s Heir Descendant of Gardmore’s founder
Guild Organizer Field agent for adventurers guild
Iron Circle Deserter AWOL mercenary
Pawn of the Eye Driven mad by a cult
Pelor’s Faithful Devoted to the light
Reclaimer of Saruun Khel    Restoring the Golden Temple
Tigerclaw Seeker Following a vision quest
Valthrun’s Apprentice Student of the prescient sage
Vile Rune Survivor Family was murdered by orcs
Wild Card Crossed paths with the Deck of Many Things
Winterhaven Regular One last mission for the town guard

Complete descriptions for each theme can be found in the following PDF file.

Download Gardmore Abbey Themes Now!

Update: Here’s my post-session-one report on session one of Gardmore Abbey, at meetup.com.

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2 Responses to “Character themes for “Madness at Gardmore Abbey””

  1. OnlineDM says:

    Very cool! I plan to run this adventure soon, and I’ll keep these themes in mind.

    I haven’t had time to read all of them yet, but I noticed that at least a couple give gold or a magic item as the level 5 feature. Given that this adventure is for slightly higher-level characters, how would that play out? Would characters be expected to take these themes at level 1 and come up through Reavers of Harkenwold and Cairn of the Winter King? Or did you envision these as themes to either be used by characters generated at higher level specifically for this adventure or picked up when they start the adventure?

  2. Kynn says:

    I’m letting people use them just for characters generated at higher level, since I don’t want to play through the earlier adventures. :D So basically at level 6, they start with all of the stuff. A level 6 character with a level 6 Common isn’t all that big of an edge, but it is edge enough. (It’s hard to totally balance out themes, so you just have to wing it and hope that it doesn’t throw things off.)

    We had one guy play a Guild Organizer: a dwarf who promptly decided that the 1,800 gp he received for the good of the party was meant to be spent on sampling the local ales in large quantities.