The D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide 2 introduced the concept of monster themes – groups of statistics that can be used to flavor “stock” monsters to give thematic unity to an encounter.

You can use the concept of monster themes to adapt D&D monsters from various sources – such as the D&D Essentials Monster Vault – for use in your D&D Gamma World game.

Choose an appropriate theme for the monsters you want to use, and then select one to three powers or traits from the list for that theme.

Here are three themes you can use in your campaign: cyborg, radioactive, and alien.

Download GM Advice: Mutating Your D&D Monsters here!

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  2. Gotta love embryo implanting aliens (the example carrion crawler is terrifying).

    A friend of mine had a habit of shouting out EGGED! during D&D anytime someone got implanted with a Slaad embryo (or Xill embryo, or Earseeker larvae…). Any monster that plays up that fear is OK in my books (good call on making it an encounter power though – there is such a thing as too much gross).