A post by Dixon Trimline on Roll! got me to get off my butt and finish up my draft of new weapons for D&D Gamma World.

In The Weapon Shoppe, I add three new types of weapons: reach, blast, and burst. These weapons do less damage than the standard weapons, but can hit targets farther away or hit multiple targets at once.

I also introduce two new basic attacks, to use the blast and burst weapons; if you look carefully, you’ll see that you don’t get your ability modifier on damage with these weapons, just your level. That’s intentional.

I toss in my house rule (which is just common sense for most GMs, I think) about dual-wielding weapons, and then I give the rule for making weapons do other types of damage than physical — like laser guns that do laser damage, or corrosives-spraying pump guns that do acid damage. Weapons that do typed damage step down the damage die [W] by one step.

Unlike Dixon’s proposal, I don’t include any way to add Improved Critical or Brutal to your D&D Gamma World weapons. If you really want that, you could follow his lead and assign attack penalties. But to be honest, I don’t think Gamma World really needs those types of qualities on weapons all that badly.

Download the Weapon Shoppe now!

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