If you’d like to hand out some visual aids to your D&D Gamma World players as they go through the Famine in Far-Go adventure, here’s some cash for you! According to the FiFG book (page 100), the government of Far-Go prints up scrip in denominations of ones, twos, threes, and seventeens, bearing the likeness of the current Speaker.

So with the official portrait of William, the potted ficus who is entering his fourth year as elected Speaker of Far-Go, and with a scan of some old play money, I put together a facsimile of the scrip distributed by Galbus Ten at the Speaker’s Jewels.

Last game session, my players spent some time selling off their treasures — Ancient Junk — for scrip; it was fun. (Granted, they immediately blew it all on booze, gambling, and prostitutes…)

Download the Far-Go Scrip now!

Warning: 6.4 MB PDF download

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