Many players of D&D Gamma World have noted that the game isn’t much different from a superhero roleplaying game; the origins and powers are quite similar to those found in superhero comic books.

These house rules tell how to adapt the D&D Gamma World rules to use in a contemporary setting as a campaign of superheroes.

Download Gamma Heroes now!

Update: I just put together a one-page character sheet (use power cards for novice/utility/expert powers) for Gamma Heroes:

Download Gamma Heroes character sheet

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3 Responses to “Gamma Heroes: House rules for superheroes in Gamma World”

  1. TheRPGrrl says:

    Hey, thanks for this PDF! I just got my box of Gamma World for my birthday, and this supplement you’ve created will be a great addition. I appreciate the effort you put into this, and that you made it downloadable, too! I may just print it off and add it to my box ;-)

  2. Wow! They are fantastic rules. I think some of the could be added to normal game too. And the same goes to monster origins. Keep up the good work. :)

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