“Beep beep!”

No one knows what evil intelligences possessed these seemingly normal Ancient vehicles, but everyone on the roads of Gamma Terra fears the deadly hum of their malevolent engines.

Stats for three killer cars here: compact cars (level 4 skirmishers), SUVs (level 5 soldiers), and Fire-Belching, Car-Devouring Monster Truck!!!s (level 6 brutes).

Download the killer cars here! SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!

Inspired by a twitter discussion with @battlejack.

Update: Here’s a bonus monster, a level 8 elite — the Knave Automotives 9000, the most polite and erudite vehicle that will ever set you on fire and run over your smoldering corpse.

Download K.A.N.T. here!

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2 Responses to “Killer cars! Sentient automobile monsters for Gamma World”

  1. Shinobicow says:

    Awesome. I downloaded these. Will have to try them out with Gamma World as soon as I can give it a run through.

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