The D&D Gamma World rulebook and the Famine in Far-Go expansion both allow you to roll up vehicles as part of your starting gear – but no rules are provided on how to actually use them in the game, apart from a few brief details on their overland speeds and gas mileage.

So, then, here are house rules for vehicles in D&D Gamma World, along with stats for several different types of vehicles for your games.

Download Road Rules of Gamma Terra now!

Update (3/17/11): The official rules for vehicles in D&D Gamma World are here on the WotC site.

A post by Dixon Trimline on Roll! got me to get off my butt and finish up my draft of new weapons for D&D Gamma World.

In The Weapon Shoppe, I add three new types of weapons: reach, blast, and burst. These weapons do less damage than the standard weapons, but can hit targets farther away or hit multiple targets at once.

I also introduce two new basic attacks, to use the blast and burst weapons; if you look carefully, you’ll see that you don’t get your ability modifier on damage with these weapons, just your level. That’s intentional.

I toss in my house rule (which is just common sense for most GMs, I think) about dual-wielding weapons, and then I give the rule for making weapons do other types of damage than physical — like laser guns that do laser damage, or corrosives-spraying pump guns that do acid damage. Weapons that do typed damage step down the damage die [W] by one step.

Unlike Dixon’s proposal, I don’t include any way to add Improved Critical or Brutal to your D&D Gamma World weapons. If you really want that, you could follow his lead and assign attack penalties. But to be honest, I don’t think Gamma World really needs those types of qualities on weapons all that badly.

Download the Weapon Shoppe now!


If you’d like to hand out some visual aids to your D&D Gamma World players as they go through the Famine in Far-Go adventure, here’s some cash for you! According to the FiFG book (page 100), the government of Far-Go prints up scrip in denominations of ones, twos, threes, and seventeens, bearing the likeness of the current Speaker.

So with the official portrait of William, the potted ficus who is entering his fourth year as elected Speaker of Far-Go, and with a scan of some old play money, I put together a facsimile of the scrip distributed by Galbus Ten at the Speaker’s Jewels.

Last game session, my players spent some time selling off their treasures — Ancient Junk — for scrip; it was fun. (Granted, they immediately blew it all on booze, gambling, and prostitutes…)

Download the Far-Go Scrip now!

Warning: 6.4 MB PDF download

Here’s an expansion of the index on my GM screen, one that you can tuck in the back of your D&D Gamma World rulebook and use instead of the pretty bad index that comes in the book. It’s a one-page PDF. Enjoy!

Download the index now!

Update: Now updated to include rules in both Famine in Far-Go and Legion of Gold!

D&D Gamma World provides you with dozens of monsters to use in your games, both in the original boxed set and in Famine in Far-Go. However, it lacks rules on how to build your own custom monsters – rules that are located throughout several books in Gamma World’s sibling game, Dungeons and Dragons.

This document is designed to help you, a D&D Gamma World Game Master, create your own monsters from scratch and use them in your games. Options are also provided for random monster creation when appropriate, and some of the formulas used in monster creation are shown in gray boxes.

Let’s get started!

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Inspired by a picture by cogspa, by the D&D beholder, and by Cyclops of the X-Men, here’s another new origin for D&D Gamma World:


You’ve got eyes on the back of your head.

And eyes on the sides of your head. And your shoulders and your arms and your back and your chest and your legs and your hands and …
Appearance: You’ve got a multitude of eyes over your whole body. They could be on tentacled eyestalks, on the ends of your fingers, wrapped around your head like a crown, or arranged in even stranger configurations.

Download the Ocular origin now!

Here’s a high level solo to challenge your entire group in a Gamma Heroes game.

Download stats for The Visitor

Many players of D&D Gamma World have noted that the game isn’t much different from a superhero roleplaying game; the origins and powers are quite similar to those found in superhero comic books.

These house rules tell how to adapt the D&D Gamma World rules to use in a contemporary setting as a campaign of superheroes.

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Update: I just put together a one-page character sheet (use power cards for novice/utility/expert powers) for Gamma Heroes:

Download Gamma Heroes character sheet

I haven’t made very many new origins for Gamma World — a lot of other people have been, though! — so I thought I’d give it a try.

Download the Rabbit origin!


This is the writeup of an adventure I ran January 8, 2011, at Amazing Discoveries in Tucson, Arizona, as the culmination of a string of sessions that dropped hints about the campaign’s first boss villain, “Ray-Gun.”

Scenario Parameters: This adventure is designed for a group of four player characters with an average level of 4, and uses maps and monsters from Famine in Far-Go. The encounters give details on how to scale the adventure for more or fewer players. “The Ray-Gun Revolution” is probably too hard for characters below second level and may not be suitably challenging for a party above sixth level.

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