I’ve just updated the consolidated Ancient junk table and the Gamma World GM screen to remove a duplicate entry.

Also, the GM screen is taller (cut off the top 2 inches when printing on 11 x 17 cardstock) and has more information, plus a graphic.

Download the Ancient junk table

Download the GM screen

Feedback is welcome!

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2 Responses to “Consolidated Ancient Junk Table and GM Screen”

  1. Looks good. I picked up the boxed set on boxing day, really liked what I saw, but was disappointed it didn’t come with a screen. Problem solved!

  2. [...] a Gamma World DM screen, huh? So did I, when I started playing Gamma World. Initially, I downloaded this screen, printed it, and taped it to the inside of my D&D screen. An unsatisfactory solution, due to [...]