In the D&D Gamma World game, you get bonuses on skills based on your primary and secondary origin, and also a +4 bonus to one randomly rolled skill that represents what your character is good at doing.

However, this is just a straight 1d10 roll that doesn’t add any actual flavor to your character. You could make something up – “that +4 bonus to Science is because I’m a … scientist, yeah, that’s it” – but the rules as written don’t give you much to work with.

This document is designed to expand on the skill system in the D&D Gamma World rulebook by letting you roll a profession for your character. This is an optional system, and it may be superceded by Legion of Gold when that supplement comes out.

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One Response to “Professions in Gamma Terra”

  1. Brian says:

    Pretty cool you came up with this, and now Legion of Gold will have rules for professions! Obviously, you’re on to something!