It turns out that in the real world there are these radioactive wild boars in Germany; a tweet from @Alphastream on twitter made the Gamma World connection.

So here you have stats for chernoboars: giant mutant wild boars full of radiation and anger, to trample your favorite Gamma Terra settlement. (Based on the wild boar stats from D&D.)

Download Chernoboars Now!


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2 Responses to “Gamma World Monster: Chernoboars”

  1. Awesome! I haven’t played Gamma World yet but I like the creature. You could easily use it in a D&D game… I’m picturing a crashed radioactive meteor with some kind of star-beholder at its center… the explosion spreads glowing radioactive goo all over the forest and any creatures eating the plants are mutated into horrid beasts (enter the chernoboar).
    Also, the name alone begs to have some kind of post-apocalyptic radioactive god named Chernobog :)

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