While exploring the ruins of an Ancient temple of learning, the players discover a dug-out entrance that leads to the basement level beneath a collapsed building.

This Gamma Delve is designed for 4 characters of level 1, but can be scaled for anywhere between 2 and 6 characters. You can also run the delve for higher level characters, but it may not provide enough of a challenge for characters over level 3. By the end of the adventure, surviving characters will receive approximately 425 XP each, not counting quest experience.

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Gamma Delves are designed to be used for quick, out-of-the-box play with the core D&D Gamma World game. Each delve is written for a specific level, with three encounters of increasing difficulty. These can be used as fast introductions to the game or as a night’s diversion from a larger storyline, or an enterprising Game Master can string together a series of Gamma Delves to create a whole campaign.

Each Gamma Delve adventure follows certain additional rules:

  1. The delve must use the maps included with the D&D Gamma World game. The order of encounters cannot be the same, or partially the same, as that of the sample adventure “Steading of the Iron King,” from chapter 6 of the D&D Gamma World Rulebook.
  2. The delve must use the monster tokens included with the D&D Gamma World game. (This imposes certain limits on the number and types of monsters; for example, a delve can’t have more than 3 dabbers, because there are only 3 dabber tokens.)
  3. The delve can’t use the same monsters in the same locations as the sample adventure, “Steading of the Iron King.” This means, for example, that badders and porkers can’t be used on map 1A, the path to the tower – but yexils or parns or seps could be used.

If you’d like to create and share your own Gamma Delve, please do so! You can post your delves to the Gamma World forum on the Wizards.com website.

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