This is a central page for links to 4lternity, my conversion of Alternity to 4e D&D via D&D Gamma World.

Items which are struck through are currently deprecated.

Draft Documents

What do you need to play?

To play 4lternity, you’ll need the Alternity rules (the Alternity PHB and GMG), the 4e D&D rules (D&D Rules Compendium), and these documents. Many times you’ll be asked to make conversions on the fly from the Alternity rules to 4lternity, using simple formulas or procedures. For example, you’ll use the Alternity books for weapon costs and then convert the statistics of the weapons you buy into 4e-D&D-compatible 4lternity stats.

Is this for sale?

Heavens no. This isn’t a commercial product. Please don’t distribute it without reference back to this site, but this is given out free to the gaming community.

What’s Missing (on purpose)

  • Using D&D Gamma World math (+level rather than +level/2), cuz no feats and no magic treasure
  • No Perks & Flaws from Alternity
  • No action points (but there are last resort points)
  • Individual skill points aren’t tracked as in Alternity, more like 4e D&D and D&D Gamma World
  • No roles a la 4e D&D; more like D&D Gamma World in that regard
  • No power sources (all are Martial anyway except Mindwalkers who are Psionic)
  • Damage types are: impact, energy, bleed, psychic. Nothing else.

Coming Soon / To-Do List

  • Psionics — half done
  • Monsters (compatible with 4e D&D and D&D Gamma World on purpose)
  • Character sheet
  • Cyberware & Computers
  • Mutants?


  • 4lternity is pronounced “faulternity.”
  • 4lternity is pronounced “fourternity.”
  • 4lternity is pronounced “forlternity.”
  • 4lternity is pronounced “for eternity.”
  • 4lternity is pronounced “fraalternity.”
  • The F is silent in 4lternity.

2 Responses to “4lternity”

  1. I never played Alternity but I always thought the Seshayans looked awesome as a PC race in the ads and articles in Dragon.

    I think the Gamma World style equipment and character advancement looks solid (and the classes look like they would blend with a GW game if you wanted to take it to the stars).